“Peace Riser” Decal

Putin’s war against Ukraine is causing unbelievable suffering to the Ukrainian people. Although the ugliness of this war feels enormous and that we as individuals can’t do anything about it, I feel like we as American Fisherman and Fly Fisherman have it in us to step up and do what we can when disaster strikes. I have sought out the most reputable non-profit, working with the most vulnerable people in the war… the Ukrainian children. When you Donate $11, I will send you a special decal. I hope you put this decal on your vehicle, or boat, and it makes a statement that you are willing to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. I encourage you to buy them by the fistful…and give them out to your friends and family. Every cent we take in on these decals will be directly donated to UNICEF’s efforts to support the displaced children of Ukraine. Thanks to all of you!  -Derek DeYoung


Use Coupon Code “UKRAINE” for Free Shipping on this Decal


  • Full amount of decal sale ($11) goes directly to UNICEF Ukraine
  • 4 inch wide x 3 inches tall decal, Outdoor Grade Vinyl
  • Great for your Car, Boat, RV or Fly Box
  • Made in the USA