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June 2022

Derek is honored to be featured so prominently in the Virginia Sportsman Spring 2022 edition. The Virginia Sportsman has been the region’s premiere sporting-life publication, covering active pursuits, culture, and lifestyle for a loyal readership that is not limited to Virginia.

June 2021

Check out DeYoung as a guest on “Our Fishing Lives” Podcast with host Patrick O’Donnell. Check out the Podcast HERE

May 2021

Check out DeYoung as a guest on “That Show with Those Guys” Podcast, Episode 14. Bourbon Bay’s Flagship show started in 2016 and is hosted by a bunch of guys around a metaphorical campfire. Check out the Podcast HERE

April 2021

Check out this new DeYoung Florida License Plate with proceeds going to Bonefish & Tarpon Trust. Derek said of the project: “I was sincerely honored to be asked to contribute art for the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Florida license plate. One of my greatest joys is to use my art to raise awareness and funds for my favorite fishing grounds and fish that are in serious need of help!”

April 2020

“What a cool opportunity to spend a couple of days fishing with my good buddies at the Saltwater Experience TV Show!”

Here is a video interview from the show about how he started is career:

November 2019

DeYoung Podcast, The Articulate Fly – In this episode, DeYoung is in his studio on a snowy, Michigan morning. Hear about growing up in Michigan, his first art competition, his love of karaoke and everything in between.

October 2018

“Abstract Yellowstone Cutthroat – Old Faithful”, was an original painting commissioned by Yellowstone National Park Lodges, which is part of a new program to benefit Yellowstone Forever. There was a artist reception for Derek’s work at Lake Hotel in the “Lake” area of Yellowstone National Park.

October 2017

We are honored that Fly Lords Magazine just added Derek to their “Faces of Fly Fishing” Series with a fun Q & A article. Check out the Full Article Here

September 2017

We are honored that X-Ray Magazine (The best ranked scuba and dive publication in the world) out of Copenhagen, Denmark just published a feature on Derek and his work. Check out the X-Ray Magazine Full Article Here

August 2017

Check out this new DeYoung Montana License Plate with proceeds going to Bighorn River Alliance. Derek said of the project:”Support the Bighorn River Alliance and add a little trout art to your ride with the newly released Montana Wild Trout License Plate. I’m really blown away to have my work chosen for this project! It can now be purchased at your local Montana County motor vehicle office.”

July 2017

We are honored to have our new gift wrap win “Best in Show – Gift Item” in the New Product Showcase at the ICAST/IFTD  Show in Orlando.

May 2017

Derek’s work and story featured in Bay Life Magazine.

October 2016

Derek donated the use of “Abstract Steelhead – Horizon Eye” image for the new Washington Specialty License plate. In March, Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed a law to help conserve Wild Steelhead through the sale of specialty license plates. Sales start January 2017 and are expected to generate more than $200,000 the first year for everything from management and fish monitoring activities to studying the interactions between wild and hatchery Steelhead.






April 2016

Anglers Journal, Spring 2016

“I’m honored to have worked with the folks at Anglers Journal for their Spring Issue cover art.
I’ve had so much fun the past 16 years bringing these beautiful creatures to life on canvas, and humbled to be asked to create one for such a great magazine.” – Derek


Artistanglers-journal-spring-2016 Derek DeYoung was headed back to the dock recently after a fishless day that involved plenty of casting to plenty of tarpon in Coupon Bight off Big Pine Key, Florida. Only problem was, the poons all had lockjaw.

“After pulling my hair out for a couple of hours, I’m headed home and I want to get working on a painting,” recalls DeYoung, a talented fish painter and lifelong angler from Michigan who winters with his wife, Janell, in the Florida Keys.

A short aside: I’ve been talking with DeYoung for several months as he worked on a tarpon painting specifically for the cover of the spring issue of Anglers Journal. The readers of The Run are the first outside of the staff to see the new cover, shown here. Back to the fish …

Read the full article at Anglers Journal, Spring 2016






January 2016


June 2015

DEREK DEYOUNG – UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL (like his work)! by Vagabond Fly Mag

Read the Entire Article Here

Vagabond Fly Mag interview with Derek DeYoungExcerpted from the Vagabond Fly Mag article,



September 2014

“I Heart the Fly” Interview with DeYoung

Read the Interview Here



 September 2013

“Sailfish Deep Blue” is featured on the back cover of Gray’s Sporting Journal


Thanks so much to the folks at GSJ for featuring my painting “Sailfish – Deep Blue” on the back cover of the new September/October 2013 issue of Gray’s Sporting Journal.

Inspiration for this painting:

“This painting represents a scenario that occurred last winter off the back of Capt. Justin Rea’s bay boat, not far from Key West. I watched one Sailfish thrash the waters surface with its sail, as several others circled below… surrounding the small schools of pilchards we had thrown out to attract wahoo, kings, and bonito.

One Sail did charge my fly, but veered away to eat some pilchards at the last second. I eventually switched to a spin rig, and was able to hook one of the sails by free lining a live pilchard back into the current. It was unforgettable! What a run! I’m not sure Shimano planned on their reels ever making that noise:) Definitely one of the coolest fish I’ve ever landed.

In this painting a Sailfish is working it’s way towards the surface out of the darker depths below. The vivid colors and pattern on this Sailfish are just starting to catch the sun and come alive.”

See the original painting in our online store “Sailfish – Deep Blue”



August 2013

“Trout Confetti 5” painted for new Burton snowboard


Trout Confetti #5


I’m constantly intrigued with the aesthetics I find in nature. Everywhere I go, and every direction I look conjures up questions.. how would I paint that? Would it make a great painting? How would I mix that color?

In all of nature, nothing calls to me to paint it the way fish do. They are the total aesthetic package. Their color is a perfect contrast of bold, bright hues married with subtle neutrals and complimentary colors.

Fish have a variety of forms and shapes that are interesting, and iconic. The patterns on their skin are dynamic, and when looked at with no connection to fish, make beautiful abstract compositions, beyond the capabilities of even the best non-objective abstract artists.

A large part of my plight as a fish artist, is that I want to take this perfect subject, this object of so many artist’s obsession, and paint it in new and exciting ways. I want to push the boundary of fish art, and it is no easy task…not to do it well anyway.

So as I sat in my tiny airplane seat, at 30,000 ft, on my way to another fly fishing expo, my mind was somewhere else. My mind often is somewhere else when I have a sketchpad and marker in my hand, trying to come up with the next new way to look at fish. I began to intertwine fish shapes and patterns, composing a drawing that looked completely new and fresh.

It related to fly fishing only in a sense of celebrating something that fly anglers covet so dearly.. trout. But other than that, it was a study of color, pattern and form. And what better subject to focus on for this type composition than fish?

I call the series “Trout Confetti”, but unlike the randomness of the confetti on the ground, there is a rhyme and a reason to the positioning of each fish.

So a year or so ago, when the folks at Burton Snowboards asked me to submit some fish art for their 2014 “Fish Board”, I felt the “Trout Confetti” series would be the perfect fit.
Check out the 2014 Burton DeYoung Board Here




August 2013


Derek designs the 25th (silver) anniversary finish for the newest Abel Reel

Check out the article in Hatch Magazine: Check out the article in Hatch Magazine



July 2013

Article on Derek from FlyFishing Europe at the ICAST/IFTD show in Las Vegas



The translation of the article from German to English says:

From SIMMS on t-shirts, to iPhone Cases, Fly Reels, greeting cards and many other fly fishing articles, you can admire the paintings of fly fishing artist Derek DeYoung. In recent years, the young Derek has managed something many great old masters failed: known during his lifetime, and to be successful. At least in the international scene of fly fishing-schens. I met Derek at the fair se, watched him at work on a new factory and admired the original painting, which he had exhibited at his booth. From my chat with the young artist to a very interesting and profound conversation that introduced me to an au-exceptionally enthusiastic, humorous and sympathetic Fly fisherman his deep connection and pas-sion for fly fishing in his-ing works of art with us developed all shares. Derek is like his paintings. Colorful but not flashy, but not emotionally lifted. A really nice guy. Now that I got to know him, the beautiful designs on shirts, fly boxes and iPhone Covers for me have an even more important role than previously.




July 2013

The DeYoung Series Buff Headwear line (coming in Spring 2014) received a great write up in Angling Trade: Read about it here





July 2013

Video of us by “Gink and Gasoline” at the Las Vegas ICAST/IFTD industry show talking about our new DeYoung Angling Accessories. CLICK HERE to see the Video





June 2013

Derek’s “Teton Riser’s – Day” painting, was just featured on page 65 of the Summer 2013 issue of Fly Fusion Magazine





June 2013

Derek’s “Gates of Paradise” painting, based on the Yellowstone River was just featured on the cover of the Montana Sporting Journal. And inside the issue, is a nice Q & A article on pages 50-53 about Derek’s art. Read the interview pdf here





October 2012

The DeYoung Pilsner Glasses were just featured in the newest issue of Fly Fisherman Magazine in their Holiday 2012 Gift Guide

The DeYoung iphone cases were just featured in the new fall issue of Fly Fusion Magazine in their “New Product” Section.

Derek was just featured in the “25 Years of Abel” article written by Tackle Trade World. Check out the article here: 25 Years of Abel Article




July 2012

Derek was interviewed the the “King of Steel” Blog on July, 2012 by Mike Nezda. Check out the article here: Blog Interview with Derek




May 2012

Derek was interviewed for “Simms Wading Room, The Face Behind the Faces” Check out the article here: The Face Behind the Faces




April 2012

Derek’s “Pumpkinseed on Orange” was featured on the front cover of Gray’s Sporting Journal




February 2012

Travis Lowe, filmmaker (Spring Creek Films) and TV man from British Columbia, spent a week here at the studio in September 2011, and on the river, filming for a short documentary on Derek’s artwork and career. Travis’s use of unusual lenses and perspectives makes for a visually exciting film and documentary on Derek and Canvasfish.

“It’s hard to tell what came first for Derek DeYoung angling or art? At the age of 6, Derek was declaring to friends and family that he wanted to be a famous artist. Enamoured with angling from an early young age DeYoung’s favourite subject has always been fish. But by the time he left art school at the age of 23, DeYoung realized he needed to push his artwork in a new direction. In order to achieve his goal, he began to experiment with composition, taking the fish’s form away and removing the actually shape of the fish. By zooming in extremely close on his subject, DeYoung’s objective was to portray trout in color and pattern only. The result was the “Abstract Trout Face” series paintings. Derek’s contemporary vision and vibrant use of color challenged the traditional, classic style of angling artwork and eventually received critical acclaim and success.” – from Travis Lowe, Spring Creek Films

Check it out:



Canvasfish from Cinema Digital Productions on Vimeo.

And check out Travis Lowe’s website at: Spring Creek Film




February 2012

The March/April Fly Fishing Edition of Gray’s Sporting Journal back cover features Derek’s Trout Confetti #4



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