DeYoung Supports Our Fisheries

Thank you to all those who support our fisheries, below are some great causes that we help support.
If you’d like to help too, the donation links are included below.


Madison-Gallatin Trout Unlimited

“For many years, the DeYoung Studio has been a fantastic supporter of the Madison-Gallatin chapter of Trout Unlimited. Their generous donations to our annual banquet have helped us to further our mission: To Protect, Conserve, & Restore cold water fisheries in SW Montana”   -Sarah Clark, Madison-Gallatin Trout Unlimited at


Vedavoo- for Project Healing Waters

Derek-Vedavoo-bag“Partnering with Derek for this one-of-a-kind Spinner Daypack set a new standard for the Reel Service Project – and in the pairing of our best and his, we were able to raise over $3500 for Project Healing Waters and the veterans they serve. So thankful for his efforts that made the 2015 program so special!
Every year, we organize our “REEL SERVICE” project to raise money to support worthy causes – pairing our best with the best from the industries best artists. This year, we dedicated the whole of the proceeds to Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, and the veterans they serve. We hand-built a series of packs, bags, and gear items – then sent these “blank canvases” on to the artists for them to paint, draw, and otherwise decorate the packs to create a series of one-of-a-kind wearable art that were raffled off after Christmas.”

Read more about the project here:


Cast Hope

“One of the hardest things in life is to find people who really care about giving back to their local communities. Each of us has the ability to make a difference in this world. It takes a mental decision to step out and give of yourself by holding a door for someone, giving your neighbor a helping hand, loving your family, volunteering in your community, or giving of your resources to support a cause. Derek and Janell DeYoung are these kind of people and have generously supported their fly fishing community by giving back to organizations like Cast Hope for years. They know that by giving a little today will result in kids lives being changed by the sport of fly fishing. Through their generosity Cast Hope is able to connect more kids to the sport that we all love. In the end that means more young people in the outdoors creating healthy hobbies, falling in love with their natural environments, and taking care of their local watersheds and resources. The DeYoung artwork is amazing and creative but know that the family behind the artwork is just as inspiring.”   -Ryan Johnston, Cast Hope Executive Director,

Cast Hope is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization positively impacting kids and their mentors in the Northern California community through free fly fishing and outdoor experiences. Through our program, clients build mentoring relationships, fly fishing skills, outdoor knowledge, sustainable practices, and personal values. Cast Hope’s gift of the outdoors empowers each mentoring pair to grow closer as they participate in healthy hobbies together.


Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska

“It has been awesome to offer some of Derek’s unique artwork as an incentive for donors to the Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska. Derek and Janell are so generous, and they care a lot about our fishery resources. It’s great to see talented artists that really appreciate their “raw material” this way.”
– Scott Hed, Director / Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska at

sportsmans-allianceThe Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska is the only conservation entity whose sole focus is to engage anglers and hunters in the protection of Alaska’s public lands. SAA specifically focuses on organizing sportspersons, fishing and hunting groups, outdoor media, and outdoor product companies for protection of southwest Alaska’s Bristol Bay region (one of the world’s true sportfishing meccas, and which is currently under intense pressure of extractive resource development – think Pebble Mine) and the Tongass National Forest in southeast Alaska.


Project Healing Waters

“The veterans and volunteers of the Fort Belvoir and Quantico Project Healing Waters Programs appreciate the support of Derek and Janell DeYoung since 2013.”


Bonefish and Tarpon Trust

Bonefish and Tarpon Trust is proud to announce that our 2016 membership shirt
will feature artwork by the iconic fish artist, Derek DeYoung.
“It is a true honor to have Derek’s art featured on our 2016 BTT Membership shirt. This year’s shirt is one of our best yet and has been receiving rave reviews. Derek’s passion for bonefish, tarpon, and permit truly shows thorough in his art, so this collaboration was a perfect match!” – Dan Dow, BTT

“To be called upon to provide artwork for the 2016 BTT t-shirt is a sincere honor for me,” said DeYoung. “Watching a tarpon slowly track my fly and eventually attack it is a sight I hope generations to come will get to enjoy. The BTT is crucial to this happening. Thanks to all the folks at BTT for helping make positive changes for our tarpon, bonefish, and permit populations in a day that finds these fish so vulnerable.” – Derek DeYoung

Contact BTT at


Bonefish and Tarpon Trust mission is to conserve and enhance global bonefish, tarpon and permit fisheries and their environments through stewardship, research, education and advocacy. BTT is a group of concerned anglers, lodges, fishing guides and other stakeholders working with scientists to answer questions about these popular and elusive gamefish. It was formed in 1998 by a group of anglers, guides, and scientists in the Florida Keys who wanted to learn more about bonefish and tarpon in order to enhance their dwindling populations. Since then it has grown to include concerned anglers from over 20 countries, researchers from throughout the world, and guides committed to working with BTT in order to educate anglers and gather data while on the water. Our continued success can only be guaranteed by your generous support and that of your fellow anglers. Please help us in our mission by joining, and urging your friends, guides, captains, and fishing clubs to join.

Derek also helped out on the Fix Florida Water Campaign and Bonefish & Tarpon Trust by auctioning off an original Barracuda Painting on a 54″ fiberglass Barracuda mount that he painted live at the ICAST/IFTD show in Orlando, FL. The money raised by that auction went directly to help save the Everglades through conservation.


Southeast Environmental Research Center – Florida International University

Janell and Derek-
I wanted to thank you again for so graciously supporting our society of Florida fisheries scientists & donating the snook print for our shirts. We just completed our conference last week and the shirts were a hit, everyone loved them! I hope you enjoy the thought of about 120 fish biologists out in beautiful parts of Florida studying fish and wearing these amazing shirts! Here is a picture of all the scientists at the conference, and of the back of the shirts that we took for you guys! Thank you so much! We are so grateful, anything you need in Florida, let us know! Best, Jennifer



Sportsman for the Boundary Waters

sportsmen-waters-400“Lucky for our campaign, Derek has been to the Boundary Waters and had used his incredible talent to create a really unique painting featuring a canoe fishing scene featuring a BWCAW smallmouth bass. We’re now using that print to generate donations to help protect the Boundary Waters, all because Derek and Janell care about the future of our fisheries.” – Scott Hed / Outreach Director, Sportsmen for the Boundary Waters

Sportsmen for the Boundary Waters was formed by a group of sportsmen and women who are concerned about protecting the habitat of the area where they hunt, fish and camp. Sportsmen for the Boundary Waters aims to protect the clean water, clean air and forest landscape of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and its wilderness edge from toxic pollution caused by mining copper, nickel and other metals from sulfide-bearing ore.


Henry’s Fork Foundation

“DeYoung Studio has supported the Henry’s Fork Foundation at our Salt Lake City Reception for the last three years! We appreciate their generosity and donations they continue to give year after year to a great cause!
Thank you DeYoung Studio for making our event a success and for your dedication.”

Kristen Widdison
Development Coordinator
Henry’s Fork Foundation


Boy Scouts of America – Grand Teton Council

“We designed our annual report around a fishing theme and your artwork helped to make this publication a success. In my opinion it looks awesome and I think its probably the best looking Annual Report out there!
boy-scout-invite             boy-scout-letter-500

Thank you again for your support of Scouting!”
Michael Vangelov
Director of Development


Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Derek donated the use of “Abstract Steelhead – Horizon Eye” image for the new Washington Specialty License plate. In March, Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed a law to help conserve Wild Steelhead through the sale of specialty license plates. Sales start January 2017 and are expected to generate more than $200,000 the first year for everything from management and fish monitoring activities to studying the interactions between wild and hatchery Steelhead.

Bighorn River Alliance –

Derek donated the use of  his “Brown – Callibaetis” image for the new Montana Specialty License plate. Proceeds for the plate go to the Bighorn River Alliance to protect Wild Trout.