DeYoung NFTs

DeYoung’s hottest paintings are now featured as NFTs.

DeYoung has minted his first seven (edition 1/1) authenticated NFTs. This means, with your purchase, you will own a completely unique collector’s item. After purchasing the NFT, the original 1/1 buyer will be able to request by email a 4 x 6” Fine Art Reproduction of the NFT inside an Acrylic Block signed and numbered 1/1 by DeYoung (pictured below).

What are NFTs? Just like there will only ever be one of any original painting, there can only be one NFT made of a painting. Once purchased, another NFT can NEVER be minted from that image again. It is unique digital image (part of the Ethereum Blockchain). Although you will receive a physical representation of your NFT (fine art grade acrylic block, shown below), the actual NFT is not a physical item. 

Why Buy Them? This is a brand new, cutting edge marketplace for Art. Unlike an original painting that would be bought and kept in your family for generations, NFTs are meant to be bought and sold. Think of them as a digital art investment portfolio.  

*Please note that purchasing an NFT does not provide you with an assignment of copyright rights to the work or the right to reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute copies of, display, or perform the work without the copyright holder’s permission.

Purchase DeYoung NFTs Directly on OpenSea At This Link

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