Fresh Off the Easel – Rolling Tarpon Spongers

Fresh Off the Easel – Rolling Tarpon Spongers – Original & Prints Available

Derek’s Inspiration:

“Part of being an artist, for me is always holding myself accountable to do my very best. If you know me well, you know that I can really struggle through some paintings. My goal is not to just kick out a painting… I’m willing at any point in the process to sand it down and re gesso if I think I’ve come off track. I’m ALWAYS critiquing my work, just trying to get it to that “next level”… whatever that is. This painting, “Rolling Tarpon – Cuban Spongers” is more than 3 years in the making… I took reference photos back then and did a few sketches, but never got the momentum to move forward into a painting. After all this time, I’m really pleased with the feel I was able to develop in this piece. Thanks so much everybody for your kindness and encouragement… it goes much further then you might think. Hopefully everyone is keeping busy and sane through this craziness.”