Carp Tourney, Yellowtail Reservoir, MT – July 2012

Since last years “Annual Yellowtail Reservoir Carp Tournament” was rough (I only landed one carp), I had no doubt I would do much better this year. Well, at 10AM we rowed out from the launch with roughly 25 other drift boats. It was so cool to be part of an event like this. I couldn’t help but laugh, watching all these trout bums row their river boats out across the reservoir in search of carp. It must have looked pretty funny to the several walleye anglers that weaved through us with their $50,000 Lunds too! The day turned out to be HOT, and although we saw plenty of carp, they were staying deep, and proved too tough for us.. as we didn’t even hook a single one. After lunch, we came to the realization that we were not likely to win the tourney, so we decided to turn our attention to a few cold beers, and tried some cliff jumping. It was so fun, and I actually could see plenty of carp from atop the cliff. The tourney ended at 4PM, and then we went to the BBQ, downtown Fort Smith that evening. Great music, great food and great people..It was a blast!