These days you can order a drift boat in any color. But if you want to take it to the next level, and float the river in true artistic style, we can help you arrange to have your boat wrapped in one of DeYoung’s colorful trout skin paintings.

The first step would be to pick out an image on the website and once you decide on an image (you would just pay the image use fee of $350.00).  The images suggested below were painted in a format that is best for a boat and the fish flanks images are easiest to make work on a boat. You can also pick a custom image (that will be a higher price point) to include file work needed to make it work on your boat.

The next step would be to arrange to have a vinyl shop in your area do the printing and installing and we will send them the file of the image that you chose. Find a vinyl shop that uses the highest grade outdoor quality vinyl, which is then laminated in a sheet of durable glossy plastic. Like any finish on a drift boat it can be scratched, but with a little effort, it will last in good shape for many years. Plus, at the point you are ready to remove the vinyl, the finish underneath will look as good as it did the day they installed the wrap!

Call the studio at 406-333-2217 for more info.