Fresh Off the Easel – Permitopia

by Derek DeYoung on April 23, 2015


Fresh off the Easel – Permitopia. The Original is still available on the website as well as Fine Art Reproductions under the Saltwater Category.

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Check out our Newest Decals

by Derek DeYoung on April 19, 2015


Check out our latest Laminated Vinyl Decals featuring DeYoung’s unique boldly colored designs!

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Come check out some of DeYoung’s latest original paintings at the Caddis Festival in Craig, MT on Saturday, May 16th 2015. We will have a booth right outside of Izaak’s restaurant.
Check out this link for more info

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The DeYoung/Abel Tarpon Flank Reel

by Derek DeYoung on April 10, 2015


An “abstract tarpon flank,” so realistic it appears to shimmer, is the latest creation from artist Derek DeYoung incorporated into an Abel reel’s finish. The abstract tarpon scales were created by Derek as part of a saltwater trip with his father years ago.

“The morning I’d landed that tarpon, I specifically asked my dad to turn the boat before we released her back to the depths. I just had to see what the fish looked like in the sunlight. So dad started the engine, and put it in gear. As the boat’s shadow fell away, the tarpon’s true palette of a pearl-like glow came alive. I was shocked to see so many colors in each scale.

“I decided right then and there that I needed to do a painting of this tarpon showing what it looked like in that sunlit water at the side of my boat. I called the painting, ‘Abstract Tarpon Flank: Sunlight’,” DeYoung said.

Effervescent blues, chrome-bright silver and splashes of green highlight DeYoung’s latest colorful fly reel collaboration with California tackle manufacturer Abel.
Purchase the Reel Here from Abel’s Website

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Derek’s New Saltwater Work

by Derek DeYoung on April 8, 2015

Derek’s been inspired by the Florida Keys and creating some new Saltwater work