Abstract Fish Face Series

Welcome to the DeYoung “Abstract Fish Face” Gallery. This is a portfolio of DeYoung’s Abstract Fish Face work. It been organized for you to search either by Species or by Series. Just click on an image thumbnail below to see the full painting in a separate viewing window.

DeYoung was the innovator of the Abstract Fish Face Series back in 2002. By the time he left art school at the age of 23, he realized he needed to push his artwork in a new direction. In order to achieve his goal, he began to experiment with composition, taking the fish’s form away and removing the actually shape of the fish. By zooming in extremely close on his subject, DeYoung’s objective was to portray trout in color and pattern only. The result was the “Abstract Trout Face” series paintings. Derek’s contemporary vision and vibrant use of color challenged the traditional, classic style of angling artwork and eventually received critical acclaim and success. Derek says of the series, “If you look at the fish faces I have done over the years, they are completely different, every time I start a new one I’m thinking of new ways to paint it, and how to make it a more successful piece then the last one I did.”