Fresh off the Easel – Abstract Brown Flank – Turquoise

Inspiration: My favorite time of year is Autumn.. the rich smell of fallen leaves. My favorite college football team the Michigan Wolverines on TV.. trying to entice me to stay put on my couch, instead of having some adventure on a river or a mountain. The sounds of the bull elk bugling as I stalk the Lamar River looking for a rising cutthroat. But the most beautiful thing Autumn has to offer in my opinion, is the Fall colors of the Brown Trout. During their annual spawning season, brown trout transform from their normal colors to a palette of deep gem hues.. These are the colors that make the Brown Trout my favorite fish to paint. And their ferocious feeding habits make them my favorite fish to catch! Each one looks unique, but they all seem very willing to chase down a streamer and test it’s durability.
Size – 16 x 36″ – oil on board – Check it out here: Abstract Brown Flank – Turquoise