Sitz Ranch, Fall 2012

Sitz Ranch

When I got a call from a friend, and heard that he had a very rough week at work, and was so stressed out he could barely sleep at night, I knew just what he needed. I called the ranch manager at a local pay-to -play lake, and booked two rods for the following day. Nothing like setting your mind to the task of landing 18″-24″ rainbows all day to help your worries melt away.
We arrived at the ranch, and launched the boat in 25mph wind. After trolling out to the front of the dam, two casts later the first fish of the day was on my line. Throughout the day, front after front after front passed over us.. giving us anything from dead calm and mild temps, to 20-30mph winds and snow and rain. The only constant that day was the bite, we caught fish all day. And although we never did land that 10 pounder I’d hoped for, I’m pretty sure my friend got a good night of sleep that night.