Fishing Alaska, Summer 2012

Alaska 2012 Album

Derek’s Facebook Posts on his Alaska Trip

Day 1

“I’m about to cross off the bucket list: fishing in Alaska. A long day of flights and driving, but I’m cozy and ready for a night of sleep before our week of fishing begins tomorrow.. 1st on the list, halibut fishing on Cook Inlet! should be a really interesting day. pictures will follow.”

Day 3

“Soldotna Ak fishing trip: flew into Crescent Lake, and fished silvers and Dollies in Crescent river.. casting and stripping pink streamers! COLD and Rainy.. fished my butt off and caught a couple Dollies.. but really wanted a silver. Last 40 minutes of fishing.. winds and weather moved in, not much time left before we needed to fly back out. The guide took me and Dad to the other side of the river, and the bite was ON! Between the two of us we hooked 8 and landed 5.. already filleted and vacuum packed by our host Bob Sizemore. Thanks Bob! Saw a mom and two baby brown bears, and one young bear.. so cool. Tracks were allover the muddy shore of the river.. I was a bit nervous one was going to sneak up on me while I was fishing with my hood, and stocking cap on.. (couldn’t hear or see well at all) Tomorrow: floating upper Kenai River.. for Rainbows!”

Day 4
“Soldotna AK fishing trip: put in this morning on upper Kenai with rain and wind threatening.. first stop proved it was going to be a great day! weather stayed away.. actually got warm out there, and the dollies were biting! we caught so many dang dollies it was crazy. also managed a few nice bows, with my dad catching the largest, around 24”. 
Tomorrow: fishing middle Kenai River for silvers and bows from power boat. Should be interesting, and hopefully put some more bright orange meat in the freezer!”


Derek’s newest painting inspired by his Alaska trip – 4 in 1 Full – Alaska
He says “This painting is inspired by my trip to the Kenai River this September.  I am hoping to use this painting to raise awareness of how special Alaska and it’s salmon are. I’ve never been to a place that fish play such a huge part in the culture. If you’ve never been there.. plan a trip! I did it the cheapest way possible.. and caught tons of fish, and just had a blast. Only problem was that my Dad out fished my just about every day.”