New at the Studio

Why Cuda? Well I love fishing for them and very few artists celebrate them in their work. This is a new one I am working on called “Keys – Cuda”.

If you’ve spent time on the Yellowstone River, you know, it doesn’t reward you everyday. But once you’ve put your time in, it is an incredible river. New painting finished of Emigrant Peak in Paradise Valley on the Yellowstone River.

Canvas 1 finished of a three panel series. Black and White Minimalistic approach. Tarpon Inspection, Acrylic on Canvas.

If you haven’t figured out my pattern, I tend to follow a tedious painting with a loose more expressive one… it helps me stay… happy.

Just finished “Tarpon Kaleidoscope”

We hung artwork today at the new Square Grouper Bar and Grill in Islamorada, FL. If you are down visiting the Florida Keys, come check it out. The food is fabulous and we have some great new Saltwater pieces on display.

“Abstract Yellowstone Cutthroat – Old Faithful”, was an original painting commissioned by Yellowstone National Park Lodges, which is part of a new program to benefit Yellowstone Forever. There was a artist reception at Lake Hotel in the “Lake” area of Yellowstone National Park.

Oops…Drips went crazy… Lets see where this one goes!

I buckled down and got through the poured acrylic Tarpon Flank today. Sometimes the technique worked brilliantly, others it was a struggle. In the end I’m really excited about the effect that it achieved.

The “Picasso Triggerfish”. I figured I’d let the design on this amazing fish dictate the entire painting. What do you think?

Well… the pepto pink was just the underpainting. This was a fun one…Cuda are one of my absolute favorite fish.

Closing in on the finish line on “Tarpon – Broken Calm”

I love these colors together. Been painting everyday for a week, now time to recharge and chase some fish. 

Cubist Brookie meets Quilted Brookie! This one is FAR OUT THERE!! What do you think? Too far out? Or are you diggin this look? This painting may induce an acid trip flashback! Watch at your own risk!


It was good to spend the week working on this painting from a series that I haven’t visited in a while. “4 Panel Brookie – UP” oil on 4 canvases.


“Cubist Brook Trout”. From the first painting I completed in this series, I couldn’t wait to do a Cubist Brookie. It ended up quite a bit more representational then others from this series. Do you prefer the more stylized earlier versions, or this more representational take on the idea?

I used a palette knife on this one. I really like the texture it created. I’m a believer in pushing a painting hard, to the point it has as likely a chance to end up in the garbage as the gallery. For me, it allows me to discover so much more. Whether it is fine art or garbage… well that is up to you.

I wish we had Dorado swimming around in Lake Michigan!! I chose to paint him blue after seeing schools of ghostly blue Dorado follow a bright green hooked fish to the boat side. I would cast a bait fish fly out to them, and WAM!! FISH ON! Immediately after being hooked, the blue Dorado would turn bright green! No wonder I love painting fish.


#2 in the Cubist Trout Series. “Cubist Cutthroat ” 36″ x 52″ acrylic on canvas. As I painted this guy, memories of floating hopper flies down long slow runs on Slough Creek kept playing through my head. Such a slow, methodical rise.


For my Rainbow Trout Lovers, my favorite spot to catch bows was a riffle just outside of Livingston, Montana.


This guy has lived in my sketch book since last March. He’s now come to life on a 36 x 52″ canvas.


As I approach the end of a painting, I take my painting in the house for my final critique. The change of location and light helps me see what final changes need to happen.


I gotta say I was sad not to be taking this baby home with me!! We raised just short of $5k with the Brown Trout Flank Taylor Guitar that I painted at ICAST. The money will be used by Bonefish Tarpon Trust to continue its efforts to study, understand and protect our shallow water species.


It’s been quite awhile since I’ve offered a fresh Brown Trout Flank painting. This one is done in acrylic, finished in oil (on canvas). The size is 18 x 30″ and for sale in the Available Originals Section on our site.


A brand new Trout Confetti, Oil on Paper. The size is 11 x 30″ and for sale in the Available Originals Section on our site.


“Tarpon Monkey” in progress. Inspired by a sketch I did while floating down a river in Costa Rica, looking for rolling tarpon, and hearing the howler monkeys in the distance.


Added the finishing touches to “Jungle Tarpon” yesterday and ready to be boxed up and shipped out. Can’t wait for you to see this one in person Grant! Work is done, time to have some fun, watch out Tarpon, I’m on the prowl!


Sending out “Tarpon Flank-Sunlit” to it’s new home this week. The scales of a tarpon are SO cool!! LOTS of subtle hues and patterns in them.