Tarpon Daisy – Original Painting


Size:  20 x 40″. Acrylic on Canvas

Derek’s Inspiration:
“I’m sitting here watching March Madness, the NCAA Basketball Tournament, and going through some Tarpon footage. I’m looking for just the right pose to use as reference for my next painting. To film them, I leave GoPros on a custom mount in areas I’ve seen fish, and hope that they come say hello. Often I have hours of nothingness, but then a school of Tarpon swim through the frame. Sitting at my computer, you’d think my team just won the game with a buzzer beater, but instead it is just a 150 lbs. Tarpon posing perfectly for my GoPro!
A few of my underwater clips were used in Grant Wiswell’s film “Atlanticus” in this years Fly Fishing Film Tour, which was an amazing Film! But the real prize for all the work put into filming Tarpon on their terms is what I learn about the way that they move, and relate to each other. They are the most chill fish in the ocean, until that is..it’s time to unleash all their pent up aggression. Tarpon are like that big oaf of a kid at school that meanders slowly down the hallway, who you suspect has a resting heartbeat of around one beat per minute…but then you have to guard him in a game of basketball at recess, and he burns past you and dunks it every time he touches the ball.” 

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