Tarpon Daisy 2 – Original Oil Painting (2 Panel)


Size: Two 20 x 40″ Canvases. Total Size 20 x 80″- Acrylic on Canvas

Derek’s Inspiration:
“For me, the time to fish Tarpon here in the Florida Keys is at sunrise. Poling down the edges of the mangrove islands, I scan the water’s surface for happy, rolling fish. Even when I see just one tarpon roll or fin the surface, I know there are usually multiple fish there. I strain my eyes, trying to spot them all, so I don’t cast over a fish, spooking the entire school. If I land my fly too far away from them they won’t see it. If it lands too close and splashy… game over. Tide, wind, sun, there are so many factors in this game and everything has to be right. But sometimes everything falls into place, and I make the perfect cast. I strip my fly just right to get 100+ pounds of chrome to take an interest in it. She follows for 15 feet or so, then with one swift tail kick she engulfs it. Less then a second later I’ve got the fish of a lifetime tail walking across the orange lit sunrise flats, and I realize, this is one of those pinnacle moments I’ve been searching for my entire life.”

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