Brown Trout – Waterfall – Original Oil Painting


Size – 26 x 40″. Oil on Canvas

Derek’s inspiration for this painting:
“This painting really came about in sketch form about 2 years ago..I had been playing with the idea of presenting fish in a very iconic way with less importance places on the natural placement of the fish. I started to see some real possibilities with this new idea.. one of which was to capture the edge of the river.. or shoreline, which allowed me to tell tell just a little more of the story. This current painting is based on what I thought was the strongest sketch that I’d done for this new series. I just finished a commission this Fall, and was ready to sink my teeth into something dramatic. I searched my sketches, and was again captivated with this idea..the rest is history. I plan to push this painting into a series, adding other trout, saltwater fish, and maybe some warm water fish.”

(Check out the Video Here)

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