What People Are Saying

Hi Janell:
pictureJust wanted to let you and Derek know we received the canvases and they are beautiful. We could not be more pleased. We look forward to collecting more of your beautiful art.
We have attached a couple of photos so you can see the magnificent piece of art in our place. Thanks again and we hope to order more soon.
Best regards,
Jay and Elizabeth


NeonBrownStudy1Smiling from ear to ear. I received the three original art pieces that I purchased from the holiday sale today! They arrived a day earlier than expected and in great shape. The care in packing the art was amazing and it may have taken the most amount of patience I’ve ever experienced to slowly cut through the layers of cardboard and bubble wrap to get to the prize. The framing on the Abel knife looks great and the colors are amazing, great choice. The time Janell took to guide me through my purchases while fielding dozens of questions in combination with the astonishing art that Derek creates, has made me a member of your loyal following for years to come. I appreciate your contribution to my home and can’t wait for the next opportunity to adopt another one of your masterpieces!
Addicted to Deyoung,
” Gordon


owl-art“The owl painting arrived safely and I didn’t open it until taking it to the cabin this weekend (wanted to keep it safely packed for the drive). I absolutely love it. I can’t tell you how many times I went back to marvel at the brush strokes and detail, appreciating some little nuance with each return. It’s funny, but I think I own six originals now and I still go up to each one frequently and admire the details before drifting off into some good fishing or Montana memory. Art really is good medicine.” -Nick, Washington


“I have a total of seven of Derek’s paintings displayed throughout my house, two of which were commissioned paintings and two of which have been on the covers of magazines. Regarding the two commissioned paintings, Derek was very patient in understanding my vision of what I was trying to capture in each painting. Derek listened intently, asked probing questions, and was able to take my “stick figure representations” (yes, literally) and turn them into beautiful works of art. Derek accomplished this by producing a number of drawings of each proposed painting, we came to agreement on the content of each painting, and then Derek worked his magic. Derek did a great job of periodically sharing pictures of his progress on each painting.

My favorite commissioned painting was of my two sons catching large, beautiful trout on the Missouri River and the Madison River. It was through numerous conversations that Derek came up with the idea of having a neutral setting in between the two boys that allowed for the painting to actually be two physically separate paintings that were connected together. So for now, I am the proud owner of one large painting of my two sons holding up fish in a driftboat. At some point, as each boy grows up, we can separate that painting so that each boy can have his own painting. Brilliant! Derek’s use of vibrant colors truly captures the experience of pulling a beautiful trout out of the water. At this point, my only constraint in owning more of Derek’s paintings is having suitable wall space to display such beautiful works of arts. Oh, and did I mention that he is a hoot to fish with?” – Tom, Alton, Illinois


“Thank you for your time. Most of all, thank you for your beautiful artwork! You know, there’s a joy and beauty in fly fishing that mirrors the joy and beauty of your art. There’s a quiet joy, when I’m casting my husband’s handmade, diamond midge into the cold, crisp White River. I’m so engrossed in making that perfect cast, then I notice the stillness. Peace comes when I stop to listen to the silence. I look down to the foggy bend to see my husband’s silhouette, quietly casting and reaching. Due to the cold, misty rain, we are alone. With the frigid waters almost overtaking my waders, my indicator disappears. The fight is on, even though it will, most likely, be a smaller Rainbow or, if extremely blessed, a Brown! It doesn’t matter if it’s big or little, Rainbow or Brown, it still fills the holes in my soul. I smile as I scoop it into my net and see the beautiful reflections of colors. Just then, I see Wayne turn my way, and I know he is smiling with me. Then comes the bald eagle ten feet overhead, scanning the waters for a meal; or I hear the wild turkeys fussing in the woods; or I spot a lonely deer, hesitantly coming to drink along the edge. Wonder and serenity, all wrapped in one moment of joy. Your beautiful artwork reminds me of beautiful times like this. Again, thank you for seeing the beauty and bringing it to canvas.


A Marriage Proposal & DeYoung Art!
Pic3_web “After dating for 7 and half years, I knew it was time to pop the question to my girlfriend Alyssia Duvall. Fly fishing was something that we had done together the last few years and I knew with fall coming up that the White River would be the perfect setting. After eating breakfast, I talked her into taking a walk before we went out on the river for the day.
flybox_web Without her knowing, I had friends set up to taking pictures from the hill above us. With the help of the DeYoung fly box, I got down on one knee and proposed. I knew this was fitting for us because you are our favorite fishing artist and Alyssia is hooked on brook trout. Thanks again for your awesome products and I can’t wait to see what you create next.” -Kyle Barton
Congratulations Kyle and Alyssia! What an honor for Kyle to use one of my fly boxes to present the “fly” that his fiance will cherish for the rest of her life…thank you for your story! -Derek


commentpic“Hi Janell,
I wanted to let you know that I received all three canvas prints in good order. Thank you for the efficient and careful shipping and handling.

They are amazing to see in person — much greater than I even expected! I’m really fortunate to have gotten in touch with Derek’s work and to proudly show it in my home. Fits perfectly well here in Naples, Florida!”
Thanks again, Brett


I ordered 2 coffee mugs on Thursday for my partner for fathers day. I’ve already received them!! I am blown away. They are fantastic and much bigger than I expected. I can’t wait to give them to him along with the coasters and sticker, he will be absolutely ecstatic to own anything by his favourite artist. Your service is amazing and your artwork absolutely beautiful. I hope to one day have one of your paintings on our wall. Thank you so much for everything.”
-Amanda Kelly


“Derek, I don’t know what to say – it’s beyond beautiful… I’ve just been sitting in my living room looking at all 3 panels and I can’t pick one of them as my favorite – they each have a “favorite” component.  I love the jaguar in the last panel. The pirahanas – they are almost my favorite, even over the peacock bass.  They are so “alive” – REALLY!
You can see the water movement in how you painted them!!!  I love the hammocks, the amazonian guide, and the sky in the evening and night scene.  It really is quite incredible …
- Anna, Little Rock, AR


“I have been in the fishing industry since 1990 and have seen many different outdoor artists along the way. Most of these were the typical “fish swimming on canvas”; none of which I was interested in displaying in my own home. This all changed when I first met Derek at The Fly Fishing show in Somerset, NJ in 2006. Derek had a booth behind ours and the word around the show was that his paintings were amazing and inspiring. I walked over to his booth and at first glance I could tell that not only was Derek a true artist but that he lived in his paintings. They brought to life my feelings about the sport that I love so much. His art is mesmerizing! I am proud to have Derek’s art in my own home and it will always have a home in the TCO stores as well.”
- Tony, Reading, Pennsylvania


“We received the 4 in 1 – Lilypads painting yesterday…..David was super surprised.  We were both utterly overwhelmed by how beautiful the painting was. We spent literally all evening admiring it while listening to groovy music (David is a vinyl junky and fly fishing fanatic) and drinking yummy dark Maine-made beer out of our new pilsner glasses. We will cherish your masterpiece forever, Derek.” – Lora, Maine


“I used to think that Derek was an extremely talented artist. Then we went fishing. Now I’m not sure whether he’s an angler with a brush or an artist with a fly rod. Either way, there are not many people in the world able to combine the two geniuses as well as he does. Even my non-fishing friends (there are a few) are captivated by his work.

jimdWhen we finished our home in Montana, looking at the fireplace, it did not take one second before my wife and I thought, “this place needs a DeYoung” We later met Derek and Janell at an event in San Francisco where we talked about what we wanted. Derek then “saw” a vision that is now turning into the centerpiece of our home.
There are a lot of people who love to fish, and many others who can translate visions onto canvas; but there is no one who can combine the two like Derek DeYoung.”
- Jim, San Francisco CA



“Boom! Got the Deyoungs hung, now tomorrow finish the tile around the fireplace. Thanks Derek Deyoung for the amazing addition to the house.”
—John, Livingston, MT


“I first saw Derek’s work while walking into the Trout Hunter Bar in Idaho a few summers ago. I was immediately struck by his use of colour and the unique composition of his paintings. There were a number of pieces in there at the time but the 4in1 really caught my eye and guaranteed that at some stage, I would be getting one for my FlyShop down here in Australia.

Two years passed and I finally contacted Derek to purchase one of the pieces that he had listed on his site. I was so impressed when it arrived that I immediately ordered another one to commemorate a fly pattern that was developed by one of the guides that works here. A few months later while fishing in Montana, I stopped by Derek’s studio to check out the custom painting (Abstract Brown – KnobbyX) before it was shipped to me, only to see yet another one that I loved (Drive-In Hatch). Add to this a ‘Trout Confetti’ (#5) and a 4in1 to come next January and I have what I consider to be a nice collection of Derek’s work.

To me Derek’s paintings represent a new way of visualising a subject that we all know so well. Artworks based around a fly fishing theme have been around for a long time and it is seldom that you see something that breaks with conventional wisdom as much as Derek’s work. So many of the artists that depict trout strive for precise, life-like representations of their subjects; almost like they were producing a taxonomist’s hand guide. Derek’s work jumps off the canvas and assaults your senses with vibrant colours and a fresh point of view.

Derek is very relaxed by nature but is thoroughly professional when it comes to his work. He is a great communicator, answering emails promptly and sending status updates as a painting progresses. Also worth mentioning is that he somehow managed to keep to the timelines he gave me during the consultation period of the process. Something most artists struggle with. ‘Bare footed but on time’ is how I would choose to describe him.

My only criticism of Derek would be a tiny slight on his personal character. He has far too many streamers in his fly collection with too few dry flies. I don’t think you can ever completely trust a guy like that.”
- Antony, Goulburn River, Thornton, Australia


Dear Derek and Janell, giclee-print-Amado

I received the giclee print I ordered and thought I would show you it’s new home. This is my new house in the Catskills and the room is my cozy little den. It was intended to be the splash of color and I think we succeeded. Even my decorator loves it.

Thanks a lot. Bill Amado


“Came home today to find my print had arrived in the mail and immediately went to work to hang it. Could not be happier with how it turned out!
- Kevin, Michigan (via Facebook)



Hello again,
I received my glasses and they are even better looking in person. I also received a set of coasters and a DeYoung sticker with my order as a gift. I cannot thank you enough for the awesome products and exceptional service. Your small gestures really stick with customers. I will be “visiting” the online store again soon. THANK YOU AND DEREK SO MUCH! – Jerrett


Janell – Received shirt today – Quality, Quality, Quality, Artwork – Unbelievable, Artwork application – Excellent, Shirt Quality – Excellent, lightweight, perfect for summer.
Thanks again, Kenneth


Thank you SO much for my UV shirt! I’m in love with it, it’s perfect!!! This is going to be my new shirt that I don’t ever want to take off! It’s so cool and different and I’m super happy with it!
Thanks again!


Hi Janell,
I wanted to let you know that I received the order that I placed and I am absolutely in love with everything. The flank series pilsner glasses are so beautiful – they look even better than I had imagined. I can not wait to give them to my fiance and see the look on his face! He is going to be so excited and I’m sure we will enjoy them for years to come!
Thank you so much for the wonderful customer service. Looking forward to ordering more DeYoung artwork and merchandise in the future.
Thank you again,


We love our new stuff!! Thank you sooo much! It brightens up our little Cody place. You two are great!! (Steve is happy guy)”
-Glen, Cody, Wyoming


“Thank you so much for the update on Kevin’s canvas. He is so excited to have one of Derek’s pieces. Not sure he knows yet, but I have a wall in the house to prominently display the canvas, and it is not in his room! We also want to extend our thanks to you and Derek for taking the time to walk us through your beautiful home and gallery. What an honor to see Derek’s work and get to know the artist creating such beautiful pieces. It was also our pleasure to meet you (the staff that keeps the business running) and your four legged family. Best Regards,” -Colleen, Michigan


Thanks so much for the prompt shipment!  I highly anticipate the arrival of my package.  I think the limited edition case is going to be a fantastic conversation piece.  I feel lucky – I was somewhat reluctant to pay the $9.00 price tag for the most recent issue of FlyFusion (in a small airpoirt).  That was of course until I read about Derek’s signed and numbered cases.  Had I known I would discover something so fantastic, I would have gladly paid more for the magazine! Now do I put a screen protector of the cover?” – Adam, Highlands Ranch, Colorado


slough_creekDerek and Janell,
Hope you are well. I received the Slough Creek canvas print a couple of weeks ago. It arrived in perfect shape! I enjoy seeing it in our home. Not only the colors but the print brings good memories of our trip to YNP and Slough Creek in particular. I’ll keep checking in on the web page and looking forward to more of your art! Take care and best regards,
- Mark