Derek DeYoung's Fishing Adventures

About Derek’s Fishing Adventures

Check out the videos, photos and stories of Derek's amazing fishing adventures. Derek is always seeking out the beauty in life and in the world, searching for that magical experience or vision that will inspire him to paint at a higher level. The act of pursuing trout and steelhead with a fly rod contains so many of these magical moments. For Derek the truly inspirational vision, both as an artist and as an angler, comes once he's landed a particularly beautiful fish. Then he comes back to the studio and tries to capture it on canvas.


Photos & Stories


Great Day Fishing small water with a good friend

by Derek & Janell on August 27, 2015

Great day fishing small water with a good friend.

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Hawk Lake Lodge, Ontario Canada

by Derek & Janell on June 19, 2015

Hawk Lake Lodge, Ontario. what a fun week! Bass and pike on poppers, walleye fishing late into the night after a great dinner at the lodge.

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Henry’s Lake Trip

by Derek & Janell on May 30, 2015

Henrys lake.. Late start but found a few…. and the best fishing so far! Made up for a long tough day of fishing Saturday. Had a blast camping and fishing with my bud Paul Thomas.

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